Setting up a PLN

So I am late to the game, I know…or early for late-adopting folks. But for those, like me, who haven’t set one up yet, a PLN is a personal learning network. You may already be informally creating a PLN, as I was, and don’t know it. Like me, you may bookmark things that you want to keep tabs on, follow certain blogs, or even set up an RSS feed for your most-favorite blogs not to be missed. All well and good, this approach, but I stumbled upon creating a PLN, and I realized that while my gathering of all this information was second to none, I didn’t actually contribute anything to the discussion or discovery of ideas/actions in libraries.

To remedy this, I am creating this blog. It is my formal inclusion of all things library and therefore part of my learning circle of resources: great blogs I follow, ideas to try later, technical work-arounds, social media interactions with innovative ideas, and generally bookmarks of websites and ideas that I’d love to have, share, do. The contributing part is getting my feet a little more wet into social media first: blogging here and Twitter… really. Facebook, I am okay with, but I didn’t get twitter, and now I love it, but I struggle with the organization of all this information! Hopefully this blog will be a little bit of the contribution of ideas, and a lot of organizing all of the great resources and voices of the librarian world.


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