Active Learning Exercises to Use in Your Next One Shot

This is a great blog-post on active learning for One-Shots- The reality being, that given 50 minutes, you can either give them a bit more information, but they’ll be completely unengaged…or you can give one main piece of information and let them do it for themselves to be interested in the relevance to their task. Read on:

Two-Year Talk

I have a love-hate relationship with the one-shot session. This is a shame, because my college does not offer dedicated information literacy or research skills courses. While some instructors have invited me into class for two sessions, it’s rare. Almost every class I teach is a one-shot session.

And I teach a lot of them! In the three and a half years at my college, I’m proud of having significantly expanded our instruction program (another topic for another post!). Since August 2012, I personally have taught 197 one-shot sessions, so it’s not surprising that I reflect on the one-shot session a fair amount. And while I believe its limitations far outweigh its advantages, I do have some love for the one-shot.

I love to teach, and I love working with a wide variety of courses and assignments. Some one-shots go so well that they’re a huge ego boost. I swoop…

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