Internet Archive & Awesomeness

I was asked to do a 20 minute presentation of the Wayback Machine and the Internet Archive.

If you are not familiar, the Internet Archive is awesome.  But I should explain.  20 minutes is a bit longer than just saying “It’s awesome!”

It has kept record of what internet pages were when they were first created, in a section called the Wayback Machine. I use the Wayback for looking up what my institution library website had on it, looked like, the hours that we had over holidays, and whether or not we listed certain databases and where.  It goes all the way back to when we started a webpage at all. If I select certain dates from a given calendar, it can show a snapshot, BUT, if you are in the archived site and hit the back button, it can show the linked pages too.  It is extremely helpful to me, but just as an archive, I think it has value.

From its homepage, you can see it offers video, texts, live music and audio files that like the Wayback, includes archives from past dates.  But don’t stop there, because if you click on any one of these, it opens up many “child” pages that live within.  Take video for example.  Videos that live here are from news broadcasts, old commercials, old black and white silent films, shorts, old cartoons (so fun!), sports films (mohammed ali vs. [whoever!], tons and tons of archives here.

It was so fun teaching this 20 minute class! People were so excited to show their kids old cartoons, or in the audio section, show them the live concerts of Maroon 5 or the Grateful Dead.  There is so much to explore and I didn’t even get to the Open Library- to borrow ebooks! Do you understand why I am so taken to saying, “Awesome!”? Because it is. In every way.

Featured Articles to Read More:

Lynch, Jim. The Internet Archive: The Digital Library of Alexandria? Techsoup for Libraries Blog, January 31, 2014.  Retrieved March 10, 2014.

Michelle. “Wayback Machine Hits 400, 000, 000, 000! The Internet Archive Blog. Retrieved May 23, 2014.


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