LibGuides. Love or Hate? Late? Have?

LibGuides replaced our home-made pathfinder about 2 going on 3 years ago.  I am the admin, but most everyone can make all the changes in our institution.  I don’t like being the sole gate-keeper, but I have to admit, I feel that because I designed the WordPress site that we eventually got rid of, this LibGuides Beast is my baby to handle.

  • There are lots of things that I love about it:
  • Easy to teach
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to make a guide for just about everything
  • Easy to copy or re-use content
  • Getting to share with a HUGE user community
  • Teaching BI classes from the templates that embed or link into student’s lives seamlessly
  • The upcoming changes that will improve the look of Libguides

Some of these are things that I hate too.

I am currently on a fixing project where I have to update all of our links in the system that direct back to our old website.  It isn’t as easy as doing a search and replace type of function, because we now have Drupal.  This means that it won’t redirect to our new sites easily or understand if I try to. Basically I have about 155 broken links that I am manually checking and then replacing.

You might think that I like LibGuides less because of this. Not so. It makes me appreciate them more. Usually if I need to fix a link from a database or eBook, I can just use their automatic search & replace. Easy Peasy.  This is just a weird off instance where that won’t work. Also, their customer service is awesome.  I email a question and they get back to me so quickly.

This is not a post on how great LibGuides is. It is more of how I love/hate or “la-te” them…or “ha-ve” them.  I do both.


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