Changes in Technology

This is hysterical! This is also very eye-opening and strange to me, in that some of the comments from the kids are just so TRUE and honest about how they feel.  The most strange comment is from a girl at moment 2.50:

Kid: “How do I do my homework?”

Interviewer: ” You have to go to the Library.”

Kid: “Who wants to do that?!”

Really? That stinks! Yes, technology is awesome. Noted in the video is that the same power of technology that is in one smart phone equates to 850 1970’s Apple computers.  Crazy advances in a short amount of time.  But a library card has a value too. The library too. The same aged kid without resources to have their own computer at home is still going to the library to get on a computer.  That’s who wants to do that. The kids and people who don’t have the money to get all these resources to have for just themselves.  I wonder what would happen if there was a video for kids about how other kids use technology. How kids that frequent the libraries, use the libraries and what they do there.  That would be a good one.


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