Copyright MOOC

Wow! A 2-For!

I am enrolled in a MOOC.  Kind of uneventful so far, and much more like just another online course, but it remains to be seen, really.  This MOOC just happens to be about copyright and fair use in an academic library.  Good stuff.

The comments have been very interesting, especially in terms of how it relates to blogs and blog names, blog images, blog text, and in the case of a food blog, ingredients.  Whether registering for copyright is a necessity, as it would protect your work if it came down to a legal situation.  As it stands, everything is automatically copyrighted as soon as it is in a tangible form- not necessarily published. Aka, this blog post.  If I wanted to register it, it would cost me some money and I could do it online, but it may afford me some protection should someone use my post for their own profit.

Someone made an interesting corrolary to the Julie & Julia blog based on Julia Child’s original recipes, which were not copyrighted, but for this blogger which the blog was turned into a movie, she made quite a profit from this.

There is a disconnect between readers/users of information, who think that if something doesn’t have a © symbol, then it is fair game to use without any attribution, and often people claim the item to be their own.  It is up to us, as bloggers to educate the reader, I think, about what is the protocol in using or sharing images or content from theor own sites.  Sharing and usage instruction is a great was to positively show or tell your reader that you would love them to share your blog and information, if they give you some credit!  Including a way to embed the creative commons button or an attribution button, or telling them to include a link to your site, is a start.


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