E-reading on the iPad

Okay, so lots of debate here, but I’ll stick to just listing some apps, and annotating with key features:

GoodReader: For reading .pdf docs.  Recommend to all students, as it allow you to paste urls, or attachments, has a good convert to plain text option; this is good for reading from your phone (i wouldn’t know this, firsthand, as I just upgraded my flip phone, to a text-phone…don’t get me started!), a filing system, and you can connect to documents.  Oh, and you can use i-annotate alongside this for highlighting when you read.

Readability: Can make a reading list for later.  Okay then.

Penultimate: write notes with your finger…or get a stylus and fall back to the PDAs of yesteryear (I really dislike the stylus option).

Olive Tree: This is a bible reader, and stores your notes in Evernote


Memeo: connects to your reader and can grab Google docs stored in the ipad when you aren’t connected. Now that IS handy.

iBooks: Have it already.  you can grab, read, comment on

Pages: can be wonky I guess, so the recommendation is to look to:

docs to go

Evernote: (The course recommends this, but it has terrible reviews- I will avoid as I am not a huge fan of this suite, with the exception of penultimate.  I really don’t like Skitch and in my tests, I haven’t liked Evernote.  But what is one’s opinion is one’s own..right?

Instapaper: can save at their website for later use.

So I will include here a brief mention of enhanced e-books.  There are apps for books or parts of books, where the actions are interactive. Examples are dragging the garbage into a bowl.  Making a rope swing.  I have the AliceLite, a shortened version of Alice in Wonderland that is sososo cool.  There is a great site for interactive stories for kids at Digital Storytime.  I like this site, because it reviews the goods before you buy them.


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