Now, I can read food blogs forever, and peruse stack of recipe books late into a Friday night (exciting huh?!), but food-apps are different.  They should be more than just a database, as the ipad invites cool images and interaction.  There are so many apps that are just a small screen version of the desktop website.  That is fine.  I am including non of that here, however, as I think most people can figure out their own desired websites, without my advice!

Here are the apps that I think are worthy of mentioning here:

From the course:
Ecochef – raw food presented in a very ipad/iphone friendly way
Harvest– show what is in season in your area, and levels of pesticide use, for an on-the-go resource
iSpice – a visual dictionary of spices
non-GMO – a list of brands that are non-GMO
21 day Vegan kickstart– a free 21 day meal planner for healthy cooking

Fooducate (allergy & gluten free version) – using your camera to scan any product, the result is a detailed breadown of possible allergens, gluten especially, calories, and an overall health score on the item…pretty awesome actually, if you are trying to stay clear of certain things and don’t want to read every label so closely. Downside: pricey at $9.99.


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