Not too much to say here; I was so keen on Google apps at first, because I am so reliant on Google products while I am at work, but I use my iPad (or if you had a mobile device) for leisure use really. There are so many non-Google apps that I am not sure these are the best use of my time or frustration that they don’t work like the desktop versions… I will say  that I use the Google Calendar on my iPad instead of the iPad calendar, and I just love that it integrates with my “normal” calendar…I guess this is the benefit of syncing that I am missing by not having all Apple products. Okay then.

Notes to consider are: GoogleGoggles takes pictures in the app and will do a web search on an item.  GoogleMaps, if you have a 3G subscription, would be quite useful, and a map is built in to use for directions, etc.  GoogleTranslate is free, and a good talk or type translator.  


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